Common Questions About Garden Hose Reel


There are several brands of garden hose reels available on the market. This makes it a bit challenging to choose the right type, brand, style, and even material that suits your requirements. There is a need to gather as much information about garden hose reels to ensure you make the right decisions when buying and using them. If you are like most gardeners, you might have several questions that are yet unanswered. These are some of the questions and their answers.

What is the Best Type of Garden Hose Reels for Gardeners?

The truth is that the best quick connect hose reels depend on the needs and preferences of the gardener. Ideally, the size and type of the garden hose reel vary depending on the garden size. Moreover, the comfort level of the user with garden tools ought to be taken into account when purchasing one.

The retractable garden hose reel is the most popular among beginners. It is designed to retract automatically, making watering easy. However, if you have a larger garden area, then you should consider a manual hose reel. Although it is suitable for a larger area, you will need to rewind it manually.

Why Mount the Garden Hose Reel on a Wall?

The way you use the hose reel is based on your preferences. Some models are portable, whereas others are not. The portable models can easily be mounted onto the wall of your garage or home. Also, some units must be mounted to ensure there is a proper flow of water. Also, if your water tap is built into the wall, it makes sense to mount it to the wall to make your gardening tasks easier.

What is the Recommend Height for Mounting a Garden Hose Reel?

It is advisable to mount your garden hose reel at least 3-ft off the ground on the exterior wall. In most cases, you need to mount it above the hose faucet. The height is perfect for most users, and it is comfortable and easy to use. Moreover, it provides adequate leverage to your reel when winding it back after use.

How Do You Hook the Garden Hose Reel?

It is advisable to straighten your hose to ensure it does not have any bends. After this, you should insert the female connection through the guide opening. You can then thread to the water coupling on the inner surface. It is advisable to tighten your connection by using the pliers and prevent possible leaks. You should be careful to avoid over-tightening as this can cause a lot of damage to the connection.

How Do You Ensure the Hose Does Not Tangle when Rewinding?

It is advisable to wind your garden hose slowly and prevent it from tangling. If your reel does not have the hose guide, you should stretch the hose with the hand. After this, you should rewind with much slack to avoid tangling. Remember that if the hose gets tangled, it because difficult to unwind when you are going to use it.

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