Durable Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel For Outdoors


Suited For Small And Large Areas

The water hose reel is designed to stay in shape even if the water isn’t running through it. It means the reel won’t squeeze when filled with air. There are different varieties of Giraffe garden hose reels to cater to the different needs of different customers.

For instance, a reel hose with ½ inch diameter is designed to cover a large area. Instead of moving around in the garden, the gardener can stay at a place and sprinkle the water in the entire garden. Moreover, the 5/8 inch diameter hose reel is designed for small areas such as a yard. It has lower water pressure, ensuring the water stream stays within the confined area.

Heavy Duty Garden Hose Reel

This is a heavy-duty garden hose reel meaning it can perform well for several years. Being exposed to direct sunlight and rain doesn’t harm it much. Additionally, it’s meant to withstand harsh outdoor conditions as well. Stepping on it won’t break the hose reel. Expect no kink when rolling or winding the reel, either manually or automatically.

The product is made of industrial-grade aluminum, copper, and an abrasion-resistant shield. The joints are of copper with an aluminum coating.

Quality Control Assured With Successful Tests

This retractable garden hose reel has successfully cleared several tests, such as the 200PSI pressure test and 600PSI bursting pressure test. Passing these tests is proof of its quality and durability. Any buyer should expect a fantastic experience for multiple years.

Retractable Garden Hose Reel

This reel can retract automatically. It’s necessary to fix it on the wall, and the rotation box will start to rotate counterclockwise once the reel is pulled out from it. Simply leaving it on the ground will trigger automatic winding. The operation is slow, steady, clean, and free of kink. This automatic retraction ensures that the garden looks neat and tidy. Moreover, it’ll allow homeowners to save precious ground space by winding the reel on the wall box.

Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

The wall mount bracket can be installed on the wall. The procedure demands the drilling of holes in the wall and mounting the bracket with the screws. Completing the entire installation process is simple, requiring no more than 10 minutes. Moreover, this process is very easy, that any homeowner can install the wall mount bracket by themselves.

Multiple Nozzles

There are up to nine nozzle designs to choose from. For instance, achieving a sprinkler-type water stream is possible with a dedicated nozzle, especially for this purpose. Similarly, changing the thickness of the water stream to increase or decrease the water pressure is possible with separate nozzles. All the nozzles are 100% compatible with the hose reel.


Whether installing nozzles or other accessories, users will find it relatively easier than rival products. In case of issues, there’s a user manual shipped with the product that contains crucial information for how to get started. If the users still face any issues, there’s the ultimate option of calling the dedicated customer support team that’ll guide them through troubleshooting any problems.

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