The Most Efficient Hose Reels and Garden Hoses


Giraffe Tools has been at the forefront to solve people needs as far as gardening tools are concerned. Giraffe tools have made huge strides in coming up with efficient and most reliable garden equipment with easy installation. An auto-retractable garden hose reel and garden hose are one of the most effective tools the giraffe tool has come up with The auto-retractable hose reel is the best choice in the market today because it will solve your needs. 

Auto retractable garden hose reel.

Manual retracting has always been tiresome for you but the giraffe auto-retractable garden hose reel is your solution. It provides for an auto-retracting system. This auto system prevents kinking of the hose, which mainly occurs through manual retracting. Kinking encourages wear and tear hence auto-retracting will encourage durability. The rewinding system can be locked at any point you want. Far from that, it enables the hose to rewind uniformly and it will promote order in your garden store. Auto-retracting also will save your time and you will be more productive.

As far as quality is concerned the giraffe auto-retractable garden hose reel is the best. It is made of a polypropylene casing. This is a very strong casing that can survive in all weather. It is stainless steel that cannot rust easily and it is abrasion-resistant.

Easy mounting of the hose reel

The hose reel is easily mounted on the wall by use of a bracket. The bracket is drilled against the wall with stainless screws that ensures its firmness. The bracket can rotate 180 degrees horizontally to channel water towards the intended watering directions. This is a guarantee that all your farm area will be irrigated. In case of winter, relocation or any other need, you can easily remove the gardening hose reel and the bracket from the wall.

Giraffe garden hose.

You do not have to look further as far as quality is concerned, the giraffe garden hose has passed the toughest tests of time and it is the best in the market for you. It is very strong made of lasting P.V.C material. In addition, it has a strong plastic stopper which prevents the nozzle from getting into contact with the casing. The giraffe hose cannot be easily kinked during the retracting process.

 The most unique factor about the giraffe hose is that its nozzle has a valve that has 9 different watering patterns. They include cone, soaker, vertical, mist, centre, angle, flat, shower and rinse. This has served many efficiently making giraffe gardening hose ranking high in demand in the market.

The strength of the giraffe gardening hose is not questionable, it has passed the 200ps pressure and 600ps bursting pressure test. It can easily be dragged between trees and tough terrains without getting damaged.

Hybrid hose pipe

The hybrid hose pipe is light weighted and easily coiled. The hybrid hose pipe can sustain extreme temperatures from -40degrees to 150 degrees. If you need the best hose pipe this is the best gardening hose.

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