Tips For Choosing The Best Garden Hose Reel


If you are looking for good quality garden accessories, look no further than Giraffe Tools. The company produces and sells products like garden hoses and hose reels. Garden hose reels are a great way to protect and keep your watering, electrical and gas hoses organized. They eliminate the hassles of manually wrapping the hoses after each use and untwisting or unkinking the hose before use. Additionally, owning a garden hose reel will prevent potential rips, leaks, and tripping accidents. Therefore, if you do not have one already, you may want to go for garden hose reel shopping.

Choosing the best garden hose reel

Before you spend money on a garden hose reel, it would be best to understand that not all garden hose reels are created equally. They come in varying designs and styles. Each is designed to meet a specific user’s needs. Therefore, it would help if you considered mandatory factors when choosing the best product. Below is a shopping guide for garden hose reels;

1. Supported hose length and width

A standard garden hose can hold between 100 to 400 feet of water hoses. Note that the size may differ depending on the hose reel design and type. For most home gardens, a hose reel with a capacity of between 125 to 150 feet should be more than adequate. On the other hand, a typical hose reel can accommodate between 5/8 to 3/8 inches when it comes to the width. However, some brands go as far as to manufacture hose reels with a ½ inch capacity. Therefore, it would help if you considered the hose capacity to suit your needs when choosing the best hose reel for your needs.

2. Manual Vs. Retractable

While many garden hose reel types are available on the market, the two primary categories are manual and retractable hose reels. Manual hose reels require physical effort to operate, while retractable hose reels have automatic retraction elements. Retractable hose reels are the best among the two types. This is because they are easy to use, they last longer, and they are more convenient. However, they are more costly.

3. Design and quality

There are two main hose reel design categories; portable and stationary. Portable garden hose reels are usually made from lightweight materials. They also feature small designs to allow for easy movement. On the other hand, stationary hose reels are made using heavy-duty materials. In addition to choosing the design, you must also consider the quality of the material. The material quality will determine the functionality and durability of the product.

4. Additional features

Other than the mandatory hose reel features, some brands provide optional special features. Some of these features are; a swivel base to allow for multi-directional movement, nozzles, gloves, and hand cultivators.


Taking your time when choosing the best garden hose reel products will ensure that you make the best decision. It would also help if you sought professional help during the process. Learning the essential details about the products and how they work. Giraffe Tools offers round-the-clock customer care to provide such assistance.

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