Contrast between Human Hair and Synthetic Wigs


Finding the right wig can be devastating because of the wide range of wig types, colors, and styles to choose from. Many people are often faced with the challenge of choosing between synthetic and human hair wigs. To buy perfect blonde hair, you need to understand that both wigs have pros and cons.

Therefore, you need to consider these differences and certain factors like your budget to make the right choice. One of the differences between these wig types is in the fiber. You need to learn about the variances to simplify your buying process. Keep reading this article to discover how human and synthetic wigs differ.

· The Make: Human and Synthetic Hair Wigs

Human hairpieces are made from hairs sourced from South America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. Human hair manufacturers carefully sort the hair by length and get rid of sub-standard hair. They then group hairs with the same length that they will sew into a wig without adding chemicals or dyes.

In contrast, synthetic wig manufacturers use artificial polymers and plastics like silicone and acrylic to make these wigs. They then heat these fibers to controlled temperatures and thread them into hairs that mimic the appearance of real human hair. Afterward, they weave the fiber hair strands into a wig to create a specific design.

· Personalization

You can personalize or dye human hair wigs to achieve the desired look and style. Moreover, you can heat-style the wig for greater styling versatility. On the other hand, synthetic wigs are less versatile. However, if you properly maintain the wig, you can achieve different hairstyles.

Also, you can wash your wig and style it using fiber wig products for a great look or style it with a headscarf. You can also cut the wig to the preferred length. Keep in mind that heat could melt or burn your wig’s strands, hence avoiding heat unless you take extra precautions.

· Pros and Cons of Human Hair Wigs

Human hair units are made from natural human hair; therefore, they have the feel of real hair. As a result, they are easy to style and personalize. Additionally, you can wear the wig for extended periods without the need to remove it, and it will still look natural. Plus, you can exercise or swim with the wig on due to its natural quality. However, these wigs are pretty expensive and require more care, such as shampooing and conditioning to increase their longevity.

· Pros and Cons of Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are made from fibers that last longer than a human hair. When shipping for synthetic wigs, you will choose the style that best suits you since manufacturers style the wigs. Therefore, they can maintain the same style for a long time no matter the environmental conditions. If you love to explore a variety of styles, you can get wigs to get different wigs for a different hairstyle.

Additionally, they are easier to maintain and are pocket-friendly. Due to the modern wig technology, you can find synthetic wigs that you can heat-style. However, you cannot color these wigs, and heat styling them can be difficult.


The question of whether to choose human hair or synthetic wigs lies on you. While human hair wigs offer a more natural look and style freedom, synthetic wigs are affordable and are durable. Therefore, you need to consider your style and budget before you buy the ideal wig.

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