How To Practice Lace Front Wig Maintenance?


Lace front wigs are hair strands attached to a delicate net lace at the front. The lace at the front helps make the hairpiece look more natural. The best lace front wigs usually blend well with the wearer’s natural skin along the hairline. Lace front wigs are usually lightweight. This means that you can wear them on hot days or for longer periods without experiencing discomfort. These wigs are usually a tad bit costly because of the advantages they offer. Therefore, it would be wise to properly care for your lace front wig to ensure that it lasts long. For this reason, this post discusses lace front wig maintenance.

How to maintain your lace front wigs

Below are some helpful tips for maintaining or taking care of your lace front wigs;

1. Wash the wig carefully and regularly

One of the most important ways of maintaining your lace front wig is by cleaning it regularly. Doing this will help prevent dust and dirt particles from getting deposited in the lace or hair strands. Regular cleaning will also help ensure that the wig maintains its attractive appearance for a long time. It would help to practice proper washing techniques when washing your lace front wig if you wish to enjoy the above benefits. Below is a step by step guide for washing your lace front wig;

  • Take off the wig and place it on a wig stand
  • Use cool water to wet it
  • Use a shampoo specially designed for lace front wigs
  • Carefully massage the hair strands and the lace base
  • Rinse off the shampoo with cool water
  • Use a conditioner designed for lace front wigs
  • Let it dry while hanging on the wig stand, then comb it carefully

When washing a lace front wig, you must never use regular shampoo as it may impair the wig’s lace strands. Additionally, you must avoid hot water as it may adversely affect the delicate lace base. It would also be wise not to dry the wig with a blow dryer as it could shrink the lace.

2. Use shines and hair fresheners

You can also maintain your lace front wig by applying oil-free shines and fresheners to it. These products will help keep it shiny. These products will especially come in handy after a day of active sun exposure.

3. Exercise caution when attaching and detaching the wig

One of the easiest ways to damage your lace front wig is improperly attaching or detaching it. Therefore, you can also care for your wig by ensuring you practice caution and use the proper technique when attaching and detaching it. Doing this will keep the lace base of the wig from tearing.

4. Exercise proper storage

The way you store your wig when not using it will also determine how long it lasts. It would be wise to have a wig stand for holding the hairpiece when you are not using it. The market features styrofoam and mannequin heads that you can use as wig stands. Using a wig stand will help keep the hairpiece in good shape at all times. It will also come in handy when leaning the wig.


Note that the maintenance tips may differ from one type of lace front wig to the next. Regardless, the tips listed above may still come in handy. Exercising proper lace front wig maintenance will ensure you enjoy the product for a long time.

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